Heavy-Duty SnowEx® Snow Plows

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Don't wait til the last minute! East Coast Diesel is offering SnowEx Plows!

For commercial contractors outfitting larger vehicles, only a heavy-duty snowplow will do. And the SnowEx® Heavy-Duty Series fits the bill. Powering ahead and rolling heavy snow farther with a 31"-tall steel blade, these snowplows feature a formed base channel that delivers extra stability. Vertical ribs, two angled Power Ribs, and massive quad design provide added strength to prevent blade twisting, even under the most punishing winter conditions.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Exceed Your Demands

Tough enough to handle the most demanding conditions, the HD Series brings more brawn to plowing. Six vertical ribs, two angled Power Ribs and

Website Update and Remodel

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Our website has served us well, the original design was done through a third party, which was a great! We decided as a company to move our website in-house. Good design should be timeless, but as a company we’re quite different now and our site needed to reflect that. There was also some technical aspects that needed improving.The first of these was the grid. Previously built using the constraint grid, we couldn’t quite achieve what we wanted. Switching to our new platform gave us greater control over the layout, and allowed us to re-arrange content more easily, as well as easier centering. Secondly, we wanted to cut down on the CSS filesize. Our web development team cut out a lot of unused CSS, including the old grid as well as re-writing some sections of code for a more lean file size and better organisation.Whilst improving the technical aspects, we also tweaked the design, maintaining the original but addressing some issues with the previous. This included a reduced header size that meant on smaller screens more content was visible without scrolling. We also refined some mobile design elements.

End Result

You’re reading on it right now! If you remember the old site, the cu

ECD purchases Heavy Duty Wrecker!

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East Coast Diesel, LLC has purchased a Heavy Duty Wrecker. Our goal is to keep everyone rolling! Anywhere you go in Central North Carolina, you are likely to see large vehicles of every shape, size, and purpose. With many industries being located within the region, we see a lot of different types of trucks making their way in and out of the Raleigh area on the I-95, I-40, I-85 Interstates as well as other busy highways and roads. Where there are big trucks, there is a definite need for heavy duty towing and recovery services. Accidents, rollovers, high centers, and breakdowns can all require the assistance of specialized trucks and teams who can help in even the most demanding situations.Cities and towns that are located on or near these main interstates see a lot of big rigs on their way to and from industrial businesses. Durham, and Raleigh are all located in an area close to where the I-95 and I-40 connect. This busy area sees thousands of trucks each day, including car hauling companies, cargo transportation specialists, trucking, logistics and transportation companies, and even trucks from local North Carolina industries. It is important to learn the local area and kno

Now Offering Heavy Duty Truck Performance Parts

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We at East Coast Diesel look forward to giving you the BEST in Diesel Performance Products! - This is why we became a Authorized Dealer for Bully Dog & SCT Performance Products and Tuning Chips / Programmers! Be sure to check out our online store to get your Bully Dog & SCT Products today!SCT ProductsSCT Performance LLC. is a leading provider of handheld automotive performance / fuel economy programmers and custom tuning software for Ford, General Motors and Dodge / Chrysler vehicles. Founded in 2003 by hard-core automotive enthusiasts, SCT's employees share a passion for the products they create and the performance vehicles that utilize them. Our employees are not just engineers, managers and sales people. Many are performance enthusiasts that build, race and drive high performance vehicles. SCT's strong background in software and OE automotive powertrain calibrations gives our company the ability to put the most powerful and functional tuning products & custom tuning software into the hands of our customers. For more than 7 years, SCT has empowered custom tuning dealers worldwide to provide huge increases in horsepower /


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East Coast Diesel attended the ODB Equipment trade show and was impressed with the outcome to such an event. East Coast Diesel had a table and booth setup for the show to hand out flyers and other material to inform the people about our company and the products and services that we offer.Be sure to stay up to date on the other shows that we will be attending! 

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