ECD LLC Helps Boost Diesel Vehicle and Semi Truck Performance

Performance tuning allows your vehicle to operate with more torque and power than usual. When your diesel engine is performance tuned to its highest capacity, its cylinders are injected with the ideal amount of fuel, which, in turn, makes the engine run more efficiently. Although less fuel is used, your vehicle operates better.

The process can significantly improve your engine but, if done incorrectly, it can cause your engine to malfunction. Therefore, modifications to your engine should be done only after careful evaluation and only by professionals. You can count on the experts at ECD LLC (East Coast Diesel) to provide diesel tuning with the top diesel performance upgrades. The benefit to performance tuning is increased horsepower, extension of the life of your engine, and reduction to the amount of repairs needed.

For our customers in the race industry or are interested in off-road use, we partner with r&m Performance for all your performance needs. When your vehicle operates with more power, it can withstand conditions it wouldn’t usually be able to withstand. If you want more power and torque for your diesel vehicle, give us a call today. Our expert team can tune your vehicle to perform its absolute best.

Diesel Parts from Bully Dog

Designed for heavy-duty trucks, Bully Dog products have been around since 1998 and include data-logging, monitoring, and ECU calibration components. Diesel truck upgrades range from performance intakes and engine manifolds to diesel particulate filters and turbochargers, as well as performance enhancements enabled by the latest computing technologies. If handling rough terrain and hauling heavier payloads is your goal, Bully Dog has the answer.

Medium-Duty and Light-Duty Diesel Truck Parts from SCT

Diesel performance upgrades have been available from SCT since 2003. SCT products support engine tuning and calibration to enhance horsepower and torque. Reprogramming a vehicle’s engine control module is an option to increase diesel performance as well. The brand includes performance programmers, tuners/monitors, meters and adapters, an eliminator switch clip, and programming software.

ECD LLC: The Top Source for Performance Diesel Truck Parts

One of the leading diesel performance shops in North Carolina, ECD provides top-notch diesel engine service and products from Bully Dog and SCT. Service your vehicle at our diesel truck mechanics in Durham/Raleigh, Charlotte, and Atlanta or our online store, or put in a service request today.


NOTE: State and federal laws regulate emissions for on-highway use. We are not responsible for the use of your vehicle, but we will assist you and make sure you understand the laws in your area. If you choose to have your emission system modified, you take the risk of violating laws if used for on the highway. We do not recommend this. Our experienced professionals will help you make the best decision for your vehicle.

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