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Expert 24-Hour Tow Truck Service

If your vehicle breaks down and you can’t get it to a service shop, don’t panic. East Coast Diesel LLC offers towing and full roadside assistance. If our mobile diesel mechanic can’t fix your truck on the road, we can easily have it towed to our Atlanta shop.

Heavy-Duty Truck Towing

Of course, not all services can be performed away from the shop; in these cases, we offer semi-truck towing in the Greater Atlanta area so we can bring your truck to East Coast Diesel LLC and provide fast and efficient service.

East Coast Diesel LLC specializes in towing all kinds of large fleet trucks, providing heavy-duty truck towing of tractor-trailers, semi-tractors, and single-axle semi-tractors. With each call, trained, experienced towing and recovery professionals are prompt and employ the safest practices. We use the latest in heavy-duty towing equipment and will get your fleet truck to us quickly at a reasonable price.

Towing Here for You 24/7

We understand that time is money in the trucking industry, and your fleet often doesn’t work to the same schedule as everyone else. But no matter when you have a problem, we’ll be here for you. Day or night, 24/7, our heavy-duty truck towing team is ready to take your call and come to help. For emergency tow truck service in the Atlanta metropolitan area, you can count on us!

Why Choose Us?

When you’ve got an emergency or breakdown, you need a commercial tow truck company you can trust. With years of experience helping out owner-operators and fleet vehicles get their trucks back on the road, we know exactly what you’re looking for in a greater Atlanta heavy duty towing service.

At East Coast Diesel LLC, our aim is always to look after your best interests, and we’re proud to offer you a 24-hour tow truck service that provides quality and speed at a reasonable price.

We are:

  • Affordable. Giving you superior rates for any heavy tow service and ensuring your business’s bottom line isn’t badly affected by a breakdown.
  • Reliable. When you need us, we’ll be there. We’ll always strive to get to a towing callout as urgently as possible, and perform any required towing and repairs quickly to minimize your downtime and inconvenience.
  • Honest. We never push for unnecessary towing or repairs and will give you an accurate assessment of the problem and a full range of options to fix it.
  • Specialized. We are highly experienced at working with even the biggest semi-trucks and have the expertise and equipment to match any size job. We know how to take care of expensive, heavy machinery that you can’t afford to replace, and approach each towing job with the utmost caution and respect for your vehicle.

If you need urgent, high-quality heavy truck towing at the right price, call us at (470)-279-4008 or 1-877-7ECDLLC.