Fleet Services and Diesel Repair in Atlanta, GA


Atlanta GA area in 2018

East Coast Diesel LLC started in the Atlanta, GA area in 2018 but we have been in business for over 8 years. Coming to Georgia has been a long time goal and we are proud to announce that we are open for business! We are a Certified Napa Truck Center that primarily focuses on fleet maintenance and diesel engine repair. We offer 24/7 road service for fleet vehicles and semi trucks.

There is nothing worse than having your truck break down in a city that you are not from and not knowing who to trust. With East Coast Diesel you can be sure your dealing with a certified company that has a reputation to stand on! We care about every customer that comes through our doors.

In today’s world, technology is the key to success. Most trucks have more wiring and electronics then they have actual mechanical parts. That is why East Coast Diesel stands out, for we have invested into the future to make sure we have all the proper equipment to diagnose and repair your truck correctly.

Our motto is Dealership Quality Work at a Fair Rate. From onsite fleet maintenance to in-shop engine rebuilds, if it’s part of your truck, we can fix it.


6759 Marbut Rd
Lithonia, GA 30058


1 (470) 427-2713

Services Offered

Preventative Maintanence

OEM Diagnostics

Wheel Alignment

Engine Repair

Tire Service

Exhaust System Maintenance

Front End Work

Coolant Service

Driveshaft/Axle/Differential Repair

Hydraulic Hose Repair


Looking for Truck RepairPreventative MaintenanceFleet MaintenanceDiesel DiagnosticsConstruction Equipment Repair ?

    East Coast Diesel LLC is dedicated to ensuring your fleet stays on the road and in excellent condition. Our team has been serving the Durham area since 2003. We deliver professional fleet and truck repair services and are equipped to handle major and minor repairs.


    710 E. Club Blvd, Durham, NC 27704
    1 (984) 209-1766


    6759 Marbut Rd, Lithonia, GA 30058
    1 (470) 427-2713


    2235 Hwy 152 East, China Grove, NC 28023
    1 (704) 247-2206



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