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Truck Repair 101: 7 Bad Truck Smells You Should Never Ignore

Your commercial vehicles require regular fleet maintenance to ensure they keep running and stay on the road. There are times when your drivers might report that they are noticing funny smells coming from their trucks. It is worth your time to investigate and find out whether there could be a bigger issue that could require truck repair service. 1. Diesel/Gas Fuel Diesel and gas smells are common when filling up and around the fuel tank. Yet, if they persist and linger, it often indicates there is a leak in the fuel line or a faulty fuel injector. You should have your mechanic check it out as soon as possible. A good indication of a Fuel problem is on a Diesel is excessive smoke, lack of power and a burning feeling in your eyes. 2. Burning Oil The smell of burning oil could occur if any oil is spilled when topping it off. It should not continue to smell for a long time. If it does, it means there is an oil leak somewhere that needs to be repaired. You also need to remember ... read more


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