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Fleet Maintenance | East Coast Diesel LLC

Our tailored Fleet Maintenance Plans (FMP) are created by our team of professional truck repair advisers, whom will layout all viable options and will assist in choosing the best solution!

Our integrated vehicle maintenance system (VMS) lets us know when a vehicle in your fleet is due for service. Moreover, VMS allows you to maintain control of your fleet by viewing repairs, requesting repairs, analyzing repair history at no additional cost.

Our goal is to facilitate continued growth and we do that by making sure you are getting the highest possible return on your investment. We intend to keep your vehicle up and running as long as possible.

From on-site preventative maintenance to OEM Diagnostics, East Coast Diesel knows what it takes to reduce and even prevent breakdowns.

The ECD way:

  1. Identify issues – we will meticulously evaluate your vehicles and will present minor and major issues that exist. We will create a plan of action that will address all issues with vehicles and will rank issues based on priority.
  2. Correct issues – we will use our action plan as a guide to fix all issues in order starting with the highest priority.
  3. Predict & Prevent issues – our systemic approach allows us to forecast maintenance and avoid breakdowns.

Why ECD Fleet Maintenance:

  1. Our customized plan fits perfectly in your schedule – we schedule our teams to conduct maintenance during the time(s) we know your vehicle(s) are inactive. We understand that vehicles out of service during hours of operation equals (accounting, opportunity, marginal, transactional) cost. If you operate during the day – we are there at night; if you operate overnight – we are there during the day; if you have a rotating shift – throw us in the rotation.
  2. We want you to focus on operating and not the condition of a vehicle. ECD believes in and focuses on quality. Our certified technicians are willing and able to keep you rolling.

Let ECD add value to you by ensuring your vehicles output is exceptional.

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